Disaster is a friend of our beloved country.  Every year, every month, every day, disaster occur from Sabang (P. Weh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam) to Merauke( Papua). Earthquake, landslide, and flood fulfill the headlines of television, newspaper, and internet. They perform the disaster show in sad story with the sad song surrounding in. After the performance, the experts discuss and debate about what was caused the disaster. The government made a travel to the affected area to give … a money of course and condolence.

As long as i see the information on disaster. Many of them use the benefit of spatial information. So far i know, just Metro TV and Kompas used the attractive  spatial information although they use google earth and Kompas’s Map (very attractive map). But, is it the government provide it or others media provide it?

Map speaks louder than a words. Yes, it is true. Map provide spatial information which can give benefit to us to analyze and act like a god (:p). We can see so many thing if we use the map. For example: There were a disputes between government statement and LSM (Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat) about what was trigerred the WAISOR FLOOD which killed around percent. Government said, the forest was in good condition, LSM said, the forest was not in the good condition. Which one was true? Really, it was ironic to me according to the spatial technology as well. There so many spatial technology to knowing what was trigerred the WAISOR FLOOD?

Just advice for LSM and government, please use an evidence, particularly spatial information before speak to the media.  It is easy to use spatial information. There are so many agency in Indonesia, like Bakosurtanal, LAPAN, Ministry of Forestry, and etc who provide spatial information to analyze Waisor Flood. Happy spatial..:)