When i saw the photo of Mbah Marijan, I saw dedication. He is very dedicated person. His job was a keeper of Mt. Merapi, ordered by Sultan Hamengkubuwono. He was dying in honour and respect to the Lord as the keeper of entire of the world and universe.

So, i think to give something for Mbah Marijan, but not a pray, not a quotation, not a condolence, but SHP file of Mt. Merapi Hazard Zone and National Road Susceptibility Map v Mt. Merapi Hazard Zone.

I got Mt. Merapi Hazard Zone Map from Center of Geology Research and Development (Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Geologi) which created by RD Hadisantono, M.CH.S.D Andreastuti, E.K Abdurachman, D.S Sayudi, I. Nurnusanto, A. Martono, A.D Sumpeda, and M Muzani in 2002. National road data was taken from INROG.

I digitize Mt. Merapi Hazard Zone Map with ArcGIS  and then i overlay it in DGN 1995   coordinate  system. Finally i found, the national road, probably, it can damaged by lava flow from Mt. Merapi.

Click here for shp file of Mt. Merapi Hazard Zone

I hope, these map will be helpful.