Construction is constructing, altering, erecting, repairing, and demolishing building, civil engineering, works, and other similar structure. It also  contains assembly and installation on site of prefabricated component and building engineering services. Building a house, repairing a road, demolishing dams, erecting bridge, etc are an example of constructions.

Industry is a group of related economic classified in accordance with the output or services supplied. Thus, construction industry is a sector of economic activity which erect, alter, repair, and demolish a building, civil engineering works, and other similar structures.


Characteristics of construction industry can divide by its features of output, its size, government as a main client, nature of demand for  construction output, nature of construction work, variety of construction technology, and structure of industry.

Feature of construction output are durable or long lasting output such as house, building, road, etc large and heavy units, unique, immobile, complex process, and expensive. Construction industry is capital goods industry. It also requires other industries to support them and contributes gross domestic product of the country. Many worker are required by construction industry. The main client of construction industry is a government regarding to their policy in infrastructure development. Demand of construction is in various types and sizes. There will be different locations, different resources, different inputs and different stages of their process.  There are discontinuities and uncertainties in demand pattern.

Construction industry needs a lot of worker with many level such as skilled labor or unskilled labor. People imagine construction industry as dirty job as well as dangerous jobs. Even some said the construction industry is unatrractive job, but i would say this is the attractive job and lot of money especially in off shore construction industry such as drilling, piping, and dredging. The development of construction industry grows rapidly as well as triangle connection between cost, quality, and time to improve benefits. There are a lot of firm in small scale to big scale in construction industry and it is ease to enter in construction industry. Just supply cement to the building construction, it can say that we just enter construction industry. Cheers!