Today, most of status of my friend was related to traffic jam. They said, traffic was caused by Pasar Seni ITB, the road capacity is now comparable with the sum of the vehicles, Jakarta’s people come to Bandung, and etc. Almost of my friend stated a negative status (no offence my friend). None of them stated positive status.


Traffic jam is a natural condition, when the capacity of the road or the building is not comparable with a “thing” therein, it could be traffic jam. The car speed not in the proposed speed and everything seem like disaster as well as my friend’s status. For example: we need around 3 hours to reach Jakarta (Cawang) from Bandung with 180 km length in normal situation and use the toll road. Sometimes, it takes more than 3 hours caused by accident therein, holiday season, and of course, in sunday and friday. There is a joke of  Bandung People if traffic jam occurs in Bandung…”All in the road is B, they spend money for the cheap stuff.”

Not just in Bandung, Jakarta is full of traffic jam everywhere except 00 AM to 6 AM. In Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, Denpasar, Makassar, Hanoi, Singapore (i have experience when i stuck in the taxi in Singapore) and almost of the big city in Asia, they say traffic jam is a nightmare. So how we can do to reduce it?i prefer  to say “reduce” than “omit”. Having vehicles is our one of human right. We cannot say, “buying a car is prohibited”

Here the simple thing to reduce a traffic jam for government, event organizer, and user:

1. goverment

a. please, optimize the use of your map. 100% surely, the government have a GIS. I see every year in the procuremen of GIS. Collect your road ability, and the black spot of traffic jam and then analyze them with the power of GIS. GIS is not just when you click the object, and then you will see a picture or a video or data and then you impress by them..oh, please, please..

b. Increase the vehicle tax along with development of Mass Rapid Transport. I think we can build that without any favor of other country. Believe in our country. We have INKA, we have a professor, we have a resources, we have qualified engineer which hijack by international company, but now we don’t have “believe that we can built that”. Subway, busway (congratulation for government), kopaja, metromini, angkot and etc. Kopaja, metromini, angkot  are a good MRT system but not comfort. so COMFORT them.

c. Broadcast if there will be a traffic. So people will be aware of traffic will be occur in accordance with the event.

2. Event organizer

a. coordinate with government how to manage the traffic in your event day.

3. User

a. I think the user of the road in Indonesia is mature. They use safety belt, they have a lot patience, but they have a lack of information of road condition now, and in the 2-3 hours later according to their route. So, government, please make a system that can inform the road condition then the user can prepare their route and trip..